About Us


We are a 100% Filipino-owned tolling company committed to the production of high-quality drinking water. We serve small and big companies in the local market, under toll manufacturing and packaging agreements. Our facilities are able to produce 12,000 bottles of purified water per hour. Our production process has been designed to eliminate direct human contact with the product, ensuring safety as well as efficiency. Combining state-of-the-art facilities with skilled, well-trained people, we are able to guarantee safe, high quality products for companies and consumers.


Oregon Tolling Inc., envisions to be the leading bottled beverage manufacturer, toller, and exporter in the Philippines that practices social responsibility and where happy, productive, and dedicated people work.


We strive to achieve our vision by:
– Providing the best quality bottled beverage products and services to our valued customers
– Fostering a good working relationship with all our stakeholders.
– Recognizing the importance of our people and their contributions.
– Providing them with a positive, safe, and encouraging work environment.
– Implementing sustainable corporate social responsibility programs that help the community.


Safety above all. Food safety is our first priority, and therefore we make sure that everything we do at Oregon works toward that objective.

Each part is crucial to the whole. At Oregon we say that “The next person doing the next process is the customer.” With this mindset we ensure that each person knows the importance of their role, and their responsibility in creating safe products that meets all of the strict quality standards we implement.

Our people are our primary assets. We believe that the success of an enterprise lies in the well-being of its people. Therefore we make sure that our employees are well-trained not only in the work that they do, but also in matters of occupational hath and safety.

Environmental responsibility. As a company whose main material is water, we fully recognize the importance of environmental conservation and take steps towards it. We implement programs such as the reuse of processed water for general use, and the recycling of scrapped bottles.


Our production follows a 5-step process that ensures consistent quality and efficiency.